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Jujutsu is an exercise that includes several actions in which the attack processes consist mainly of design, hit, choke, hold the opponent on the ground, to bend and entwine your arms or opponent’s legs: strokes, assets, bottlenecks, keys, etc … in order to cause pain or a fracture that could make the opponent to abandon the fight. Jujutsu is like our second home.

It also teaches … the practice of saber, dagger and the stick … “

ATEMIWAZA- punching -Techniques (targeting Kyusho)

Nage WAZA- Projection Techniques
Waza – Arms Techniques
Koshi Waza – hips Techniques
Achi-waza – Legs Techniques
Sútemiwaza – Sacrifice Techniques

KATAME WAZA – Control Techniques
Osaekomi Waza (techniques to hold) Kansetsu Waza (Technical Counter-Force) Shime waza (bottlenecks Techniques)

BUKIWAZA – weapons techniques: KakushiBuki (Concealed Weapons)

Tanbo – Short Bat

Hanbo – East Baton

Bo – Bat 152cm to 183cm

Kodashi – Short Sword

Katana – Sword

Jutte – Cane

Taiho Jutsu

Taiho Jutsu (in Japanese technique to arrest and capture) is a martial discipline, which is the synthesis of other martial arts, created and made to meet the needs of Japanese security forces, as a method of promoting the capture of criminals and others already during Feudal Japan. In Principle, they were compiled techniques of Jujutsu and Kenjutsu. But after World War II, a commission studies was formed, which included renowned experts from various modern martial schools as Aikido, Judo, Karate, Kendo OJ, Keibo without forgetting that Boxing concepts were also incorporated because of its efficiency the Taihojutsu it was incorporated in the security forces of other countries.

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