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About us

About us

About us – Since 1995 the Portuguese Federation of Jujutsu and Associated Disciplines is an internationally recognized institution, encompassing a vast number of clubs scattered throughout the country.

The Federation has the faculty of more graduate teachers in Portugal, developing the martial art Jujutsu as well as other disciplines such as:
Aikijujutsu Yoseikan Ha, Budo Judo, Nihon Kobujutsu and Nihon Taijutsu.

Its activities are based on forming children and young people and women and adult men, teachers and instructors from other modalities, particularly vocational courses such as teaching in the areas of Self Defense, Police and Military as well as the formation of vigilant and security (Bodyguard).

The Portuguese Federation of Jujutsu has its roots in the oldest academy of Japanese martial arts of our country and has over its 18 years of existence with this designation, known update their martial and educational content to the requirements of today, It is the organization with more trained black belts and more national and international stages promoted, in Portugal and elsewhere in Europe.

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